America the Beautiful desk checks

America the Beautiful Desk Checks

Desk checks featuring breathtaking images of the natural beauty that is the United States. Beautiful, yet practical, these checks showoff your pride in the USA.

God Bless America

God Bless America Desk Checks

God Bless America desk checks feature three different images. Each image has a Bald Eagle flying in front of an American Flag. A really beautiful design.

mickey mouse desk checks classic design

Mickey Mouse Checks

Fun checks featuring Mickey Mouse. Classic background and pictures of Mickey Mouse. Some of the checks also have pictures of Minnie Mouse and Pluto.

affirmation checks

Success Checks

Desk set checks that feature three positive affirmations that will inspire you to success. Affirmations are “attitude,” “achieve,” and “success.” Be inspired.

golf checks desk set

Golf Checks

These checks are for the golf enthusiast. These checks feature golf course pictures that get the juices flowing to get out and play a few holes.

Mickey Mouse 4

Disney Checks Featuring Mickey Mouse

These Disney checks have the recipe for fun. First, add a dose of Mickey Mouse and then you mix with all of Mickey’s friends. Fun Mickey Mouse checks.

wildflower desk checks

Wildflower Desk Checks

Desk checks featuring gorgeous wildflowers in full bloom against beautiful colored backgrounds. Great for anyone that understands the ease of desk checks.

winnie the pooh desk checks

Winnie the Pooh Desk Checks

If you love Winnie the Pooh, then these Winnie the Pooh checks have your name on them. These checks have fun, colorful images of Pooh, Tigger and Eeyore.

Tinker Bell desk checks

Tinker Bell Desk Checks

These Disney checks feature Tinker Bell and are available in a cool desk check format, so that keeping track of your account is easy. Order checks online.

Stars and Stripes desk checks

Stars and Stripes Desk Checks

These Patriotic desk checks feature images of the Liberty Bell, the Statute of Liberty, and the Marines raising the flag at Iwo Jima. Classic American images.


Spectrum Desk Checks

What do you call desk checks with a lot of color and appeal. Any wanting a touch of flair will surely enjoy them. Desk checks come 3 to page.


Renaissance Desk Checks

Beautiful desk checks with a renaissance splash of color. Although colorful, these checks will work as personal checks or business checks.


Parchment Desk Checks

Desk checks are a great check format that can be used for personal or business use. Desk checks come 3 checks to a page. 300 checks in a box.


Nature’s Majesty Desk Checks

These desk checks, like all sets, come three to a page. What makes these stand apart are the scenic images of Mother Nature and all of her beauty.

flavia desk checks

Flavia Desk Checks

Flavia desk checks have simple designs including butterflies, bicycles, and flowers. Simple beauty is the focus for this desk set checks.